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Jan 17, 2023
GBLIP Appointed to National LIP Secretariat Executive Committee
GBLIP Coordinator Appointed to National LIP Secretariat Executive Committee - photo of Coordinator Deepikaa Gupta

Deepikaa Gupta, who is the coordinator of the Grey Bruce Local Immigration Partnership (GBLIP), has been appointed to the Executive Committee of the National Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) Secretariat.

The National LIP Secretariat (NLS) is a federally supported project focused on enhancing LIP communication and collaboration across Canada. The NLS mandate includes improving the settlement and integration outcomes of newcomers by working with LIPs to create sustainable networks, to augment the voices of local LIPs at national decision-making tables, to look for opportunities to scale up local initiatives, and to collaborate with government and non-government stakeholders to leverage the work of LIPs more effectively. The Executive Committee provides strategic direction, oversight and representation for the network of LIPs across the country.

“I am grateful to be selected as one of the members of the National LIP Secretariat Executive Committee and to represent Grey and Bruce Counties on a national level,” said  Gupta. “Local Immigration Partnerships are important to the work being done in our community that improves the settlement and outcomes of newcomers. Collaborating with LIPs across the country through the Secretariat will make this challenging and important work more efficient, sustainable and impactful.”

National Lip Secretariat Members:

  • Erika Cantu, Greater Moncton LIP
  • Lenya Wilks, Surrey LIP
  • Koyali Burman, Vancouver LIP
  • Depika Gupta, Grey Bruce LIP
  • Malini Sengupta, Yellowknife IP
  • Elmira Galiyeva, South Okanagan LIP
  • Meagan Reid, Banff LIP
  • Ariane Savi, Halifax LIP
  • Kailea Paidley, Cape Breton LIP
  • Hindia Mohammoud, Ottawa LIP
  • Prince Sibanda, York LIP
  • Kemoh Mansaray, Lloydminster LIP