The links below will direct you to a variety of resources related to immigration and newcomer settlement.

Government of Canada Immigration and Citizenship

Apply to travel, study, work or immigrate to Canada, apply for citizenship, a permanent resident card or refugee protection, check the status of your application or find a form.

Local Resources to Support Employers and Newcomers

In this video, viewers will learn: 1) how employers can increase their capacity to support newcomer employees by getting involved with the Grey Bruce Local Immigration Partnership; 2) what support the Grey Bruce Settlement and Language Services provides for newcomers; 3) what resources are available to help employers create inclusive workplaces and how to access them; and 4) what ESL programs are available for newcomers and how to access them.

Best Practices in Hiring and Retaining Immigrants and Newcomers

In this video, viewers will learn: 1) the benefits of hiring immigrants and newcomers; 2) some strategies to create a diverse, inclusive and welcoming workplace; 3) what challenges employers might have and how to overcome them; and 4) some strategies to effectively integrate newcomers to your workplace.

Newcomer Workplace Support - Grey Bruce Settlement & Language Services

Free services include translation and interpretation of workplace documents such as policies, health and safety information, and job duties, as well as on-the-job support during the orientation process. Financial support for onboarding and training may be available to employers.

Speak with a Settlement Worker: 519-371-9222 |

Diversity & Inclusion Awareness Poster Kit

The Grey Bruce Local Immigration Partnership has put together posters that embody the spirit of an inclusive and welcoming community. By putting up these posters you create a clear communication on a supportive work culture. Even something as simple as a poster can change how people perceive their fellow employees and the people they work for.

The Employer's Roadmap

Significant portions of Canada’s workforce have training and experience gained outside Canada. These internationally trained workers (ITWs), including immigrants, refugees, international students and Canadians who trained or worked outside of the country, represent a valuable source of skills and talent and a growing proportion of Canada’s talent pool.

Grey Bruce Welcome Package Template

The Grey Bruce Welcome Package is a fillable template that municipalities can provide important information to Newcomers and Immigrants about their new home and community. For more information and to receive a fillable copy of the template, please contact GBLIP Outreach Coordinator May Ip:

Hire a permanent foreign worker

Hire foreign workers and recent graduates to fill labour or skills shortages. Support an employee in their journey to permanent residence.