About the GBLIP

Resources for Supporting Ukrainian Newcomers

Canada and many other countries have announced a series of measures in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This webpage is a resource to help residents of the Grey Bruce region to support the Ukrainians coming to Canada in meaningful ways. We will update it regularly with new resources and reliable, accurate information as it becomes available.

We Stand in solidarity with Ukraine and Ukrainians in Grey Bruce 

Everyone is watching with heavy hearts what is happening in Ukraine, some more personally affected with loved ones in the country or among the exodus of millions of people from Ukraine seeking refuge. What happens around the world impacts all of us here in Grey Bruce. Ukrainians have already begun to arrive in Canada and more will come. Some will arrive in Grey Bruce. We are working to get information on what the government measures mean in practice in terms of possible resettlement or settlement supports, income supports, etc., that Ukrainian families arriving in Canada may be entitled to. 

Community Supports in Grey Bruce

There are various supports for Ukrainians who have and will be arriving in Grey Bruce. 

Local Services

GBLIP has partnered with an organization, Ukrainian Diaspora Support Canada (UADSC) to help create a support network across Grey and Bruce for Ukrainians families coming to Canada. To gain access to the host family list Dr. Deepikaa Gupta the GBLIP Coordinator at 1 519-372-0219 ext. 6108.

Relevant Local News and Initiatives

To share news and initiatives on this page, please email information to Deepikaa.Gupta@grey.ca or May.Ip@grey.ca

Canadian Government

  • Settlement services such as language training, orientation, employment assistance and other supports for Ukrainians as they settle into their new communities.
  • Targeted charter flights to Canada for Ukrainians
  • Short-term income support to ensure basic needs are met 
  • Temporary hotel accommodation for up to two week.
  • For more information, see Government of Canada’s announcement here.

Ontario Government 

Other Support

  • World Education Services (WES) is now offering credentials evaluation services to Ukrainians who don’t have documents to prove their education and skills.
  • Red Cross has created a Welcome Package for Ukrainian arrivals. This document, available in English, French, Ukrainian and Russian languages, includes useful information and resources to help Ukrainians in their first few weeks of arrival.
  • Canadian Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Society (CUIAS) is a non-profit community organization, providing settlement assistance to immigrants for over 30 years with the support of both the federal and provincial governments. A member organization of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress- National and of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI), CUIAS offers services in in English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and Romanian languages.
  • Miles4Migrants has partnered with the Canadian government, Air Canada, and the Shapiro Foundation to launch a national effort to help displaced Ukrainians begin rebuilding their lives in Canada.
  • 4Ukraine.ca’s mission is to help 5,000+ displaced Ukrainians settle in Canada