Municipality Welcome Packages

GBLIP Community Sub-committee has developed a Welcome Package Template. The English, French, Arabic and Ukrainian versions of the template were distributed to the seventeen municipalities in Grey and Bruce Counties for each to complete by adding local information and resources that help newcomer residents navigate as they settle into their new home.

Bruce County

Municipality of Arran-Elderslie (English, français, العربية) - Chesley, Paisley, Tara and surrounding areas

Township of Huron-Kinloss (coming soon) - Huron Township, Kinloss Township, Lucknow, Point Clark, Ripley ​​​​​​​

Municipality of Kincardine (coming soon)Armow, Baie du Dore, Bervie, Glammis, Inverhuron, Kincardine,  Millarton, North Bruce, Tiverton, Underwood ​​​​​​​

Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula (English, العربية, українською) - Barrow Bay, Dyers Bay, Ferndale, Lion's Head, Miller Lake, Pike Bay, Stokes Bay, Tobermory

Town of Saugeen Shores (English) - Port Elgin, Southampton

Municipality of South Bruce (English, français, العربية, українською) - Township of Carrick, Township of Culross, Village of Formosa, Village of Mildmay , Village of Teeswater

Town of South Bruce Peninsula (English) - Allenford, Berford Lake, Clavering, Colpoy's Bay, Elsinore, Hepworth, Hope Bay, Howdenvale, Oliphant, Part Head, Purple Valley, Red Bay, Sauble Beach, Wiarton

Grey County

Township of Georgian Bluffs (coming soon) - Alvanley, Balmy Beach, Benallen, Big Bay, Clavering, Cobble Beach, Copperkettle, Cruickshank, East Linton, Hogg, Inglis Falls, Jackson, Keady, Kemble, Kilsyth, Lake Charles, Lindenwood, Oxenden, Shallow Lake, Shouldice, Springmount, Squire, Waverly Heights, White Cloud Island, Wolseley and Zion 

Town of Hanover (English; printed copies available at town office and Hanover Public Library) - Hanover 

Municipality of Meaford (coming soon)Annan, Bognor, Leith, Meaford, Rockford, Woodford 

City of Owen Sound (English, français, العربية, українською) - Owen Sound

Township of Southgate (English, français, العربية, українською) - Cedarville, Conn, Dromore, Dundalk, Holstein, Hopeville, Proton Station, Swinton Park, Varney

Municipality of West Grey (English) - Ayton, Durham, Elmwood, Neustadt (Former Townships Bentinck, Durham, Glenelg, Normanby)